The Fundamentals Of Law Business Program

Ready to enjoy a consistent inflow of briefs, clients, profits and work-life integration?

Ready to stop slaving, start earning?

Then this course is for you.

The Fundamentals of Law Business course gives you the requisite business and management skills needed for the successful administration of your law practice career whether you are a law firm associate or owner-manager or practice manager.

You build skills and awareness that helps you deliver on your promise to the clients thus, ensuring your profitability.


See What Participants Have To Say About...

"As a young lawyer in search of how to start a profitable legal career, I was privileged to attend the Strictly Law Business Academy. It was days of intensive learning on the Business of Law. The environment was very conducive for learning and the facilitators were excellent. I gained clarity of vision. I met brilliant lawyers that continue to play a great role in my career. Indeed it was a worthwhile experience and I will recommend SLB Academy to any lawyer seeking to gain knowledge on how to start a profitable legal career."

- Agatha C. Mcmadu


"My experience at the SLB Academy has made a tremendous impact on my career. I gained new perspectives on what I wanted to achieve as a professional and it gave me a better sense of direction.

Also, it has helped me to become more aware of networking opportunities and knowing how to leverage on my network for profitability as a legal professional."

- Morenike Ojo

Senior Associate
Professor A.B Kasumu's Chambers

"Before coming in contact with Strictly Law Business, I knew I needed to make a drastic change in the way I went about my law practice as I had just started my law firm. I had a few ideas about how I wanted my law practise to be, but I didn't know how to go about it.

Joining the SLB academy not only gave me access to people who were living my dreams, the academy showed me the "how" of starting and operating a profitable law business. For a lawyer who resides in Calabar, I currently run a location independent practice as our law firm has had the pleasure of rendering services to clients within and outside our physical location in less than three years of starting out.

I also belong to the SLB premium community where we have intelligent and stimulating conversations mostly centred around building a profitable law practice. Being a member of such community has helped me stay on course with respect to managing my law practise as a business and has provided me with a valuable network of like minded colleagues and other opportunities as well."

- Cynthia Tishion

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